Automotive and travel research

The Indian automative market is at a critical stage of growth and excitement. The last few years of auto revolution has seen a paradigm shift. Earlier there were handful of players in the market but today there are many of them and more to come. Initially there were few price segments but today there are many segments overlapping each other.

There was restricted consideration for non-sedan body style but there is only one consumer today, be it a car or SUV. The market has witnessed ignorant consumers earlier but today consumers are more evolved and demanding. Today, the consumer is just not a car buyer, he is a individual and hence is affected by :

  • Economic scenario
  • His changing mindsets (wants instant gratification today)
  • Revolution in other product categories.

Some of the challenges that you are facing in this evolving market could be:

  • How can you take the driver's seat to lead the category development?
  • Given the need for identifying and understanding tomorrow's customers today, how best can you feel their pulse?
  • In the quasi-branded market, how do you make sure you are developing a brand and not a product?
  • By the time you meet consumer expectations, the bar has been raised. What do you do?

SFS Automotive understands your business requirement...

  • Have been studying the Indian Motorists from the very early days of auto-revolution i.e. 1994 - 95
  • Looks at the vehicle owners as an individual i.e. going beyond cars and understanding his interaction with other categories and the environment around.