Consumer durables products research

With more than two decades of experience in conducting research on the durables category in India, and with more than 100 researchers skilled in this field, SFS provides a comprehensive range of customised research, analysis, consulting and forecasting services.

SFS brings to you a wealth of industry knowledge and insight to each category. Our research offices spread across the country are well equipped to bring you the most cost-effective solutions.

We strive to provide research and information services of the highest standard, upholding at all times quality, integrity, and innovation to keep your business on track.

Interpreting findings and delivering recommendations we have experience in conducting tailor-made, quantitative, qualitative and continuous tracking studies amongst consumer and business-to-business markets

Some of the kinds of researches we conduct for our durables clients :

  • Assessing customer satisfaction and loyalty among channel partners
  • Auto clinics
  • Brand equity measurement
  • Brand health and image tracking
  • Communication development and pre-testing
  • Corporate image studies
  • Demand estimation studies
  • Market Segmentation6 based on attitudinal, psychographic, motivations and barriers based, usage habits, and loyalty segmentation.